"Zumba with Kelley is the absolute best!

Kelley is a great instructor - easy to follow, engaging,

and high energy. I might not be the best dancer, but

Zumba with Kelley makes me feel confident and empowered.

It's a great workout for anyone of any skill level.

Once you take a class with Kelley you'll find

yourself wondering "why didn't I take one sooner?!"


"I absolutely love Kelley's Zumba Class!!!

It's fun, energetic, inspiring, and easy to follow.

If you're a beginner or long-time Zumba lover,

you will love her classes.

It's a total body workout and dance party all in one!

I love the song choices and how Kelley mixes it up

and makes everyone feel comfortable.

I highly recommend that you check out one of her classes.

You'll be hooked and felling energized

and healthier while having a blast!!!"


"I always have a blast at Kelley's Zumba class! The difficulty of the choreography is perfect for any level of experience and no matter who you are, you'll come out sweaty and smiling!"


"Kelley's Zumba class was great and I had so much fun!

It was such a great workout."